HydroGel is a remarkably efficient, super-absorbent polymer that absorbs 200+ TIMES its weight in water, holds it at root level, then releases it slowly, reducing watering by 50% or more. It’s a process that’s repeated when water is reintroduced…for 5-6 years! Non-toxic, non-hazardous to the environment, and compatible with fertilizer […]

Next Generation Water-Saving Technology for Lawn and Garden

How to lay astro turf in areas of heavy soil by Andrew Sykes With the recent rise in popularity of astro turf as an alternative to real grass, many people are taking up their sodden turf and replacing it with a much easier type of lawn. Artificial grass is not new – […]

How to lay astro turf in heavy soil areas

Hydroponics is a form of gardening that uses water, nutrients, and lighting. Basically, there are 3 phases included when growing with hydroponics and a few components. First, you will need what is called a grow box or a hydroponic system. The grow box, or hydroponic system acts as an ecosystem […]

What are hydroponics?